Computing Fundamentals

The book Computing Fundamentals has been out of print for some time. As the rights have reverted to me, I decided to place the complete text in the public domain with the hope that the BlackBox community will find it of some value. I welcome your comments.

Book: Computing Fundamentals: The Theory and Practice of Software Design with BlackBox Component Builder, Vieweg & Sohn, 2002
Author: Stan Warford
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License: Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)

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Posted: 13 April 2014

Book and Slides

Following is a pdf document for each chapter and a separate pdf document of slides of the figures from that chapter that can be used in a lecture or self-study session.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1, The BlackBox Framework, Slides
Chapter 2, Languages and Grammars, Slides
Chapter 3, Modules and Interfaces, Slides
Chapter 4, Variables, Slides
Chapter 5, Dialog Boxes, Slides
Chapter 6, Selection, Slides
Chapter 7, Abstract Stacks and Lists, Slides
Chapter 8, Nested Selections, Slides
Chapter 9, The MVC Design Pattern, Slides
Chapter 10, Loops, Slides
Chapter 11, Nested Loops, Slides
Chapter 12, Proper Procedures, Slides
Chapter 13, Function Procedures, Slides
Chapter 14, Random Numbers, Slides
Chapter 15, One-Dimensional Arrays, Slides
Chapter 16, Iterative Searching and Sorting, Slides
Chapter 17, Stack and List Implementations, Slides
Chapter 18, Two-Dimensional Arrays , Slides
Chapter 19, Recursion, Slides
Chapter 20, Recursive Searching and Sorting, Slides
Chapter 21, Linked Lists, Slides
Chapter 22, Binary Trees, Slides
Chapter 23, Inheritance and Polymorphism, Slides
Chapter 24, The State Design Pattern, Slides
Appendix, Component Pascal Syntax, Slides
Index (The links in the index are not functional.)


The following software was developed with BlackBox version 1.4. If anyone has an interest in updating to more current versions feel free to update and send me more current versions. I will be glad to post.

This is the Pbox utility library that is used in the book.

This is a Shapes drawing library.

This is a Go playing board editor with Go rules, but without AI.